Are you ready to experience inner peace and acceptance of self?  Are you ready for the happiness and self confidence  that you seek in body and mind?

Heal to Find Joy

The Path to Healing, and more Joy,  is Within

Calm the inner storm. Experience less physical and emotional pain.  Create your joyful life, Now.

Hi, I’m Kelly Scholz.

I’m the secret elixir for inner peace.  I turn tired, worn out, and unhappy women into confident, happy,  Joy magnets.

Using reiki, crystals, intuition and yoga, we clean the cobwebs keeping you stuck in old cycles of pain, emotions and misbeliefs about yourself.

The truth is that you ARE love and happiness, it is not something that you find. It is something that you become.   It’s time to look within, heal your Soul, and get happy now.  Join me if you are ready to ditch the dread, and create a life of peace and Joy.

Life CAN be a walk on the beach every day.

Time to enjoy some sunsets.


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